27, 28 and 29 November 2017

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Five reasons to attend the International Protocol Congress

We continue to list some of the reasons why to go to XVI International Protocol Congress, Corporate Communication. Personal image and Organization of Events and this time we are going to focus on the host city, Valladolid.

At the moment in which an organizing committee begins to take the first steps in the organization of a congress, one of the main decisions to be taken is that of the choice of the host city. Depending on the type of congress and the expected number of attendees, the different options are analyzed, considering the conference venue, communication possibilities, hotel capacity, gastronomy, cultural and leisure activity, etc. as Gerardo Correas told us in no of the articles in the series on organizing a congress.

And despite the fact that other cities opted to be the seat of International Protocol Congress, Valladolid It was chosen because it met all the conditions and above all for the institutional support of the municipality of Valladolid, just as we had the January 31 with the signing of the agreement between the mayor of Valladolid, Oscar Puente, the councilor of cultural, Ana Redondo, the president of the International School of Protocol, Gerardo Correas and the president of AICI Spain, Carie Mercier. But to this institutional support has also been added that of the Diputación de Valladolid that collaborates in the transfer of the congresses the wineries of the community.

Facade of the Caledrón Theater

En Valladolid the congressmen will be able to enjoy a special seat, the Calderón Theater, inaugurated in 1864 and located in the historic center. On rare occasions you have the opportunity to work and learn in an emblematic building.

In addition, although through the experiences of the congress, Valladolid can already be enjoyed from the formal and organizational point of view, the city offers the congressman a great cultural, gastronomic and nocturn without leaving the center during the 3 days of the congress.

An experiential conference that will allow us to know Valladolid.

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